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Hair care had become a multi-faceted living experience. As modern people become increasingly aware of the close relationship between personality and appearance, there is now an increased need for specialised hair careprogrammes.

MSK is a result of numerous years of research by Japanese scientists. A special technology to extract pure essence from natural plants is used to create a formula that integrates the pure elements into our hair.

We uses the combination of the latest revolutionary technology and aesthetic inspirations in our professional programme and has joined efforts with the world's leading hairdressing beauticians to provide our customers with personalised hair care and hairdressing services.

MSK's focus is on plant essence that helps our hair to breathe and to relax our scalp. Our professional technique and natural formula allows a closer to nature approach.

With the large variety of hair care products in the market, it was not easy for MSK to acquire a market hold. To penetrate the market, MSK consistently prioritises quality control to let the products meet the expectations of consumers in terms of quality and affordability.

Despite the high production costs, special packages of the products are created and sold at affordable prices to reach out to a wider range of consumers. Although not necessarily profitable, the main intention of MSK is to educate customers on the quality and efficacy of our products. We are able to continuously improve ourselves and our products with the aid of customer feedback and experience.

MSK's research and development team has stringent production procedures. As the main formulation is from Japan where there is heavy emphasis on product quality, all efforts to release new products are sent back to our Japanese headquarters for testing. Once we have received approval from our headquarters, we can begin the product¡¦s mass production in the local market. Through this, the customers can be reassured of the quality control as MSK has spent a lot on the research and development of our products.

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We aimed to embbed pure ingredient in our hair care product.

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